Warehouse Management Made Easy​

Brand & Design.

Explainer Video.

SoMe & Video Production.

With a quick add-on solution to Microsoft Dynamics, the Mobile Warehouse Management System from Tasklet improves the efficiency and accuracy in your warehouse operations.


Tasklet’s revolutionary Mobile WMS solution is currently utilized by hundreds of Global brand names in many different industries, such as Manufacturing, Wholesale, Retail, Food Service, Healthcare, and Distribution.


A new era for Tasklet​

Through playful and cool graphic elements in calm blue and green gradient colours the new Tasklet identity was born.

The logomark represents a barcode and a warehouse box in a perfect combination – It sets the scene and is easy to recognise.

Optimize Your Warehouse Work Processes​

Take Your Warehouse to the Next Level​

In an animated trilogy we have helped Tasklet to tell the world about their best-in-class Mobile WMS. Tasklet WMS has the ability to Increase Productivity and Performance in Your Warehouse. See how it works in our explainer videos below.