Slowjuice Copenhagen​​

Kickstart your healthy lifestyle​

Brand & Design.

Google Banner Ads.

SoMe & Video Production.

With a deep passion for health – and a life in professional sports – Slowjuice Copenhagen knows the importance of good energy. Slowjuice Copenhagen is based on knowledge and experience – and the absolute best ingredients – 100% organic. Boost your energy levels with their delicious organic Slow Juices, and kickstart your healthy lifestyle!


Tapas Deluxe has been an external marketing agency for Slowjuice Copenhagen. We have made offline materials such as prints and online marketing like video spots and animations.


We continuously help Slowjuice Copenhagen to edit and retouch product photos and make delicious graphics for their physical juice bar, webshop, social media and print jobs.

The Campaign​

We made some refreshing Google Display banners as HTML5 animations – used for online advertising. We have designed and created online campaigns that strike different messages – from pure product promotion to organic and nutritional information.