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We create a video that effectively conveys that message.​

Animated Social Media Videos

Social media platforms are optimized for video marketing.


We create unique, animated, and optimized videos for various social media platforms. Whether you need a video for a holiday greeting, product sale, new offer, or anything else, our talented team of designers will create a specialized video to capture the attention of your audience. All our videos are designed and formatted to work within the parameters of different social media platforms for maximized results.

Video Commercial

Reconsider what you know about conventional commercials! At Tapas Deluxe, we design 100% original animated commercial videos for use in TV slots, YouTube ads, or any other digital marketing platform. These videos are designed specifically for your business to achieve whatever goals you have in mind. Maybe you want to hype up your audience about the release of a new product or inform people about what your business does. Regardless of what you want to accomplish, we’ll create a video that effectively conveys that message. 

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